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Vice Admiral Joseph Dyer is a specialist in strategy, independent review, and risk analysis. He chairs NASA’s Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel and serves as the Chief Strategy Officer for the National Spectrum Consortium.

His background uniquely qualifies him to operate at the intersection of technology, finance and government relations. He actively consults in technology, defense and product development markets. Current concentrations include missile defense, hypersonics, mergers and acquisitions. He was the U.S. Navy’s senior, uniformed acquisition officer and held C-level positions during his 10 years in industry (including a highly successful IPO).

Career History

Awards & Qualifications:

  • U.S. Department of Defense Acquisition Excellence Award
  • James H. Doolittle Award in Recognition of Outstanding Engineering Achievement in Aerospace
  • Elected Fellow, Society of Experimental Test Pilots and National Academy of Public Administration
  • MS Finance, Naval Postgraduate School
  • BS Chemical Engineering, North Carolina State University 

Career History:

  • Specialist Associate aadi Defence Pty Ltd
  • Progressively, Business Unit President, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, iRobot Corporation
  • Commander, Naval Air Systems Command
  • Commander, Naval Air Warfare Center, Aircraft Division
  • Chief Engineer for Naval Aviation
  • F/A-18E/F Strike Fighter Program Manager
  • S. Navy’s Chief Test Pilot
  • Commanding Officer, Naval Plant Representatives Office, Melbourne, Australia

Vice Admiral Joseph Dyer is a specialist in strategy, independent review and risk analysis and operates at the intersection of technology, finance and development markets.


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