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Dr David Wylie is a respected scientific advisor to the Royal Australian Navy. He has over 40 years’ experience in the defence sector in a range of maritime and platforms related activities.

His focus as Chief of a number of divisions within DSTO was to provide science and technology support to Defence: these divisions specialise in materials, propulsion systems, structures and signatures. In this leadership role he directed over 200 multi-disciplined researchers in support of fixed wing aircraft and helicopters, naval surface ships and submarines. Previous research specialties include environmental acoustics, sonar systems and sonar signal processing.

Career History

Awards and Qualifications:

  • PhD in Physics (Radioastronomy), University of Sydney
  • MBA, University of California, Davis

Career History:

  • Specialist Associate aadi Defence Pty Ltd
  • Director General Science Policy, DSTO Melbourne
  • Chief Air Vehicles Division, DSTO Melbourne
  • Chief Maritime Platforms Division, DSTO

Dr David Wylie specialises in the leadership and management of large research consortiums in the field of defence with a focus on ship and submarine  materials, propulsion systems, structures and sensor systems.



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