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Colin Martin is an expert in the Australian aviation industry with 43 years’ experience in aerospace innovation, aircraft flight dynamics, aerodynamics and flight-testing. As Chief of Air Operations Division at DSTO he has led many past key initiatives and was responsible for the sign off of all technical risk assessments for aerospace projects including the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) then under detailed evaluation by RAAF. He has extensive experience with air operational analysis, manned flight simulation, air related Human Factors and Avionics/Airborne Mission Systems. He established a new research area into DSTO to add training to the disciplines of simulation and human factors. Colin has contributed to a number of professional development activities and major Australian aerospace conferences.

Career History

Awards and Qualifications:

  • Lawrence Hargrave Award winner, 2015
  • Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Association (FRAeS).
  • MSc, Aerodynamics, Cranfield University
  • Hargrave Award and Medal

Career History:

  • Specialist Associate aadi Defence Pty Ltd
  • Sperero Pty Ltd
  • Chief Air Operations Division
  • Head, DSTO Program office, Melbourne
  • Research Leader, Structural Integrity, Airframes and Engines Division, DSTO
  • Research Leader, Operations Research and Performance, Air Operations Division, DSTO
  • Blackburn Aircraft ( BAE Systems)
  • Lecturer, research and development, Aerodynamics and Flight Dynamics, College of Aeronautics, Cranfield University

Colin Martin was awarded the Lawrence Hargrave award (2015) for his outstanding contribution to Australian aviation. This award is the highest honour presented by the Royal Aeronautical Society.


Some Projects of Colin Martin

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